Sunday, February 22, 2015

Customize splash screen on Kenwood DDX7701HD, DDX8901HD, and DDX7071BT

I want to customize the boot up/splash screen on my Kenwood car stereo to something a little more vehicle-specific than the default startup screen. I couldn't find specific instructions for my headunit model, but there was information for similar models. I have the DDX7701HD, but the other models listed in the title are very similar and use the same manual, so they should be able to use the same method.


  1. Prepare the files:
    1. Format a USB drive as fat32 
    2. On the USB stick, save a bitmap image of 800x480 pixels with 16-bit full color and RGB color settings of R5,G6,B5 (a free program like Gimp can do this if you choose File > Export As > select BMP > Save (a dialog will pop up after you hit save) > Advanced > Select R5 G6 B5 under the 16-bit heading 
    3. On the USB stick, create a text file named OpeningCustomize.txt containing the text shown here
      1. This file must be created using Notepad. Linux-style line returns will not work.
      2. Make sure to change your_file_name.bmp to your actual bitmap image file name.
  2. Prepare the stereo:
    1. If you don't want to lose your settings, back them up in the Setup -> System -> Setup Memory menu.
    2. Get a paperclip ready to press the reset button (red lighted triangle on lower left corner)
  3. Perform the customization:
    1. With the stereo on, press the volume down and menu buttons (you will keep holding these two only), and quickly press the reset button.
    2. The stereo will power off and then turn back on. Release the volume down and menu buttons only after the buttons on the bezel illuminate
    3. When the customization menu appears, plug the USB drive into the USB port connected to the stereo's USB cable.
    4. Touch the button labeled "Opening Customize" and it will say "Customization OK"
    5. Now power the unit off and on via the Menu/Power button, and it should come up with your new splash screen