Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit

As promised, I installed both operating systems last night.

I put in the windows installer disk and deleted all partitions in it's partition menu.  Then I allocated half the drive to Windows and installed.  The windows OEM installer I used is extremely slow.  It takes more time to get to the first menu than it takes Ubuntu to complete it's installation.

Following the installation of Windows, I installed Ubuntu and selected the "Use Largest Continuous Free Space" option in the partitioner portion of the installer.  Everything works out of the box, and Windows is an option in the bootloader that Linux installs. 

Windows Post-install:   
  • Before doing anything else, I recommend installing MS Security Essentials.  It is Microsoft's own virus protection which is constantly updated and completely free.
  • An easy and handy tool for installing lots of popular pieces of software quickly without user intervention is ninite.
  • Grab all the available updates
Linux Post-install:

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