Monday, September 29, 2014

Expanding a KVM guest disk without LVM!

I recently ran out of space on my primary home server kernel virtual machine (Linux Mint) because I created the disk with a paltry 20G of space. To remedy this, I decided to add 30 additional gigabytes. The following are the steps I took.

Note that step 4 is potentially dangerous (specifically deleting and then re-creating the root partition), and setting the system up with LVM would have prevented me having to do it but if you are following this guide you are in the same situation and can't really benefit from could have/should have thoughts. :-) Anyway, everything worked fine when I was done.

  1. Shut down the guest (on host)
    1. virsh -connect qemu:///system
    2. shutdown your-guest-domain-name
  2. Expand virtual disk (on host)
    1. qemu-img resize guest-disk.img +30G
  3. Restart virtual machine (on host)
    1. virsh -connect qemu:///system
    2. start your-guest-domain-name
  4. Expand ext4 partition and filesystem on bare disk (on the guest)
    1. I followed this guide to the letter to resize the root os partition, reboot, and then expand the filesystem

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